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The Hire to Termination pack contains the forms that are listed to the right in the compliance folders set up for employers - note when purchasing the pack you are agreeing to be my client without a contract, any other consulting work will require a contract. 

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             2016 COMPLIANCE FOLDERS
What forms and links are in the Hire to Termination Pack? check out and download the free PDF 


v  A Folder for each Employee contains:

  • Emergency Information
  • Received documents 



  • Employment and Hiring Procedure 
  •  Pre-hire Checklist - Use this checklist to audit your recruitment and hiring procedures. 
  •  Employee application-long - Use this form for new applicants. The long form includes space for more detailed information and employment history, and all other necessary sections. Only seek criminal history information when you can show that the information requested is specifically job related for the position the applicant is seeking and consistent with business necessity
  •  Employee application-shortUse this form for new applicants. The short form requires less employment history informatOnly seek criminal history information when you can show that the information requested is specifically job related for the position the applicant is seeking and consistent with business necessity. 
  • Guide to pre employment inquires - Share this outline of discriminatory and acceptable interview topics with any managers responsible for hiring employees to help ensure the hiring process is nondiscriminatory
  • Employment Interview ChecklistUse this sample checklist to ensure that your interview process is the same for all applicants and does not expose you to lawsuits. 
  • Ad placement & Interviewing Language to Avoid – 
  •  Records Retention Requirements - Review this chart to determine how long government agencies and the laws require specific personnel records to be kept on file. 
  •  Recruiting checklist -Use this checklist to guide you through the recruiting process for new and existing positions. 


  • Hiring Checklist
  • Employee Emergency Information- Use this form to obtain an employee's contact information in case of emergency. Keep this form in the employee's personnel file. 
  •  Employee Orientation form - Have an employee complete this form as you go through the orientation process, ensuring that you cover all necessary topics and distribute all required forms
  • Change of Address Notice - Use this form to obtain updated address and personal contact information from employees
  • Property return agreement 


  • Wage and Employment Notice to Employees (Labor Code Section 2810.5) - Provide this form to all nonexempt employees at the time of hire. If any change is made to the information on this form, notify employees of the change in writing within seven calendar days after the time a change was made Cal Chamber free form
  •  DE 34 – Report of New Employee - Report new employees within 20 days of start-of-work date to EDD  DE 34 link            DE 34ps for employers link
  • DE-4 - Employees Withholding CertificateCopy and distribute this form from the EDD to employees to determine his/her withholding allowance. DE-4 link
  • W-4 – Employees withholding Allowance Certificate - Use this required form to obtain information from an employee to determine the correct Federal income tax amount to withhold from his/her paychecks. W-4 link  W-4 Spanish link
  • I-9  Employment Eligibility Verification - Use this required form for every employee to verify legal employment eligibility. Note: The USCIS states that this form should continue to be used even after the control number expiration date of August 31, 2012 has passed. Any new version of the Form I-9 will be posted as it becomes available  I-9 link  
  •  DE-35 Notice to Employees DE-35 link
  • Workers’ Compensation Brochure contact your workers' compensation company or Cal Chamber link here or go to the DIR website here and get a form 
  • Form DE 2515: Disability Insurance Pamphlet  DE 2515 link   DE 2515 Spanish link
  • From DE 2511: Paid Family Leave Pamphlet DE 2511 link   DE 2511 Spanish link
  • DFEH-185 Sexual Harassment Information Pamphlet DFEH 185 link  DFEH 185 Spanish link
  • Form DE-2320 Unemployment Insurance  DE 2320 link  DE 2320 Spanish link
  • Federal Earned Income Tax (EITC) notification - Provide this form to employees along with their W-2 or 1099 to notify them of their rights under the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program. 
  • Earned Income Tax notification(EITC) – give to employee upon hire 
  • New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage (for Employers That Do Not Offer a Health Plan) -Under the Affordable Care Act, employers must provide a notice of coverage options to employees. The U.S. Department of Labor has provided this model notice for use by employers who do not offer a health plan. 
  • New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Optionsand Your Health Coverage (for Employers That Offer a Health Plan)Under the Affordable Care Act, employers must provide a notice of coverage options to employees. The U.S. Department of Labor has provided this model notice for use by employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees. 
  • Laws that apply to your organization - This table is designed to help you quickly identify which employment laws affect you. Use the following chart to determine which labor laws apply to you based on the number of employees you have
  • Required Employee notice - post in employee rest area purchase at Cal Chamber link here 
  • Required Wage order - California employers must comply with 17 Wage Orders, plus a Minimum Wage Order, as well as any applicable statute. Each of the Wage Orders is specific to the industry or occupations it covers.
    post in employee rest area-
     download from DIR website here   Which IWC order classification link
  • Received document form - have employee sign and put into employee file 
  •  Meal Break Waivers - Use only if needed 
  • Time Sheets 


  • Basic Provisions and Regulations- Child Labor Laws 
  •  Employing Minors Checklist- Use this checklist to insure compliance when employing
  • Permit to Employ and Work Form B1-4 specifies: The maximum number of hours of work per day when school is in session, Other limitations, The permit’s expiration date 
  •  Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit Form B1-1-If you’re considering hiring a minor, you and the minor must complete the first form, known as aStatement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit - Form B1-1. The minor must complete Form B1-1, then you and the minor’s parent or guardian must sign it  B1-1 link
  • Independent Contractor vs Employee- Review this table for IRS, EDD/FTB, INS, workers' compensation, US DOL, and California Labor Commission definitions of an independent contractor.  DE-38 link
  • Request for taxpayer ID form w-9 - By statute, you must obtain and report the first name, last name and SSN of any independent contractors that are sole proprietors. The IRS’s Form W-9 requires sole proprietors to list their first and last names and FEIN or SSN.  FORM W-9 link
  • Report of Independent contractor form DE 542 - All businesses and government entities who hire independent contractors must file reports with the EDD. You must report to the EDD within 20 days of making payments of $600. Or more or entering into a contract of $600 or more with an independent contractor within a calendar year. This independent contractor reporting program is designed to locate parents who are delinquent in their child support obligations DE 542 link


  • Notice to Offer Regular/Modified or Alternative Work- use this form in making a return to work offer. This form is to be used for injuries occurring on or after 1/1/2013  DWC-AD form 10133.35 link
  • Workers Compensation Claim Form - DWC 1-If an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, he or she may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Give this form to the employee and have him /her complete the "Employee" section and then return the form to you. Give the employee the copy marked "Employee's Temporary Receipt," providing the employee with a dated copy when you have completed the form. All employees should also have received a pamphlet describing workers' compensation benefits and procedures to obtain themDWC 1 link
  • Accident Injury and Illness Investigation- Use this form whenever a workplace accident, injury or illness occurs to properly document your investigation
  • Incident / accident report Form 5020-Employers report of occupational injury or illness-  FORM 5020 link
  • Serious incident Report 
  • Illness or injury at the work place checklist- Use this checklist to make sure you respond properly to a reported illness or injury in your workplace. 
  •  Worker Training and Instruction record- Use this form to document and track all training provided to an employee. 
  • Ergonomics Checklist – Computer and keyboard issues- Use this checklist as an inspection tool to help you identify potential ergonomic problems related to computers and keyboards. 
  • Ergonomics Checklist – Task WorkmethodsUse this checklist as an inspection tool to help you identify potential ergonomic problems related to computers and keyboards. 
  •  Ergonomics Checklist – Hand Tool use- Use this checklist as an inspection tool to help you identify potential ergonomic problems related to hand tool use. 
  •  Ergonomics Checklist – Workstation Layout- Use this checklist as an inspection tool to help you identify potential ergonomic problems related to workstation layout. 
  •  Office and Commercial Establishment Safety Including Ergonomics and Office Chemical Safety- General office and commercial establishment safety is not regulated by Cal/OSHA standards. However, the Injury and Illness Prevention Standard requires employers to identify and prevent any hazards that may be present. Use this data sheet to identify and address office hazards. 
  •  Hazard Communication Information Summary- Use this form to collect information about potential hazards in your workplace. This information is critical for creating an effective and thorough Hazard Communication Program (HAZCOM).  Emergency Action Plan- Use this form to set up an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the workplace. The EAP inlcudes which employees are in charge in case of an emergency and emergency contact phone numbers
  •  Fire Prevention Plan- The Fire Prevention Plan standard requires you to be aware of the fire hazards that your employees face and to maintain a plan for handling fires. Every employer must maintain a Fire Prevention Plan. Organizations with more than 10 employees must maintain the Fire Prevention Plan in writing. 
  •  Fire Prevention Checklist- Use this checklist to collect information related to fire prevention and to make sure you are taking proper measures to prevent fires in the workplace. This includes auditing those measures to ensure that they are being followed. This information should be integrated into your Fire Prevention Plan. 
  •  Recordkeeping requirements - Use this form to help you identify the records you must make and keep under various Cal/OSHA standards. 
  •  IIPP Administration Guide- Begin using this Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) administration guide before your business opens, or as soon after as possible, to ensure you meet Cal/OSHA requirements.  Injury and Illness prevention program for non-high hazard employers I
  • OSHA log 300 guidelines OSHA link   
  • OSHA log 300 & 300A  FORM 300 link  FORM 300A link
  • Initial Safety Training Certificate- Use this sample form to record an employee's initial formal training regarding potential occupational hazards and Codes of Safe Practices.  Training Sign in sheet- Use this sign-in sheet to document and verify which employees attend training. Keep the signed form in the employee's personnel file. 

SEXUAL HARASSMENT                                      

  • Anti-Harassment Sample Policy- Provide this policy to employee which states that you prohibit harassment in the workplace. You may include this policy in your employee handbook. 
  • Harassment Complaint Procedures -Use this form to explain your company's harassment complaint procedure. Distribute the procedure along with your nonharassment policy to new employees and perhaps annually to all employees. 
  •  Sexual Harassment investigation Checklist- Review this checklist when conducting a harassment investigation for your company 
  • Harassment Complaint Form -Use this form to enable employees to report incidents of harassment. 
  •  Harassment Investigation Interview Guidelines - Complete this checklist to ensure a legally complaint investigation in the case of a harassment complaint in your workplace 
  •  Harassment Investigation Letter to Alleged Harasser - Use this form to inform an employee accused of harassment of his/her rights and obligations during the investigation process. 
  •  Harassment Investigation Letter to Complainant- Use this form to inform an employee making a harassment complaint of his/her rights and obligations during the investigation process
  • Post investigation letter to alleged harasser -Use this form to inform the alleged harasser of the outcome of your harassment investigation. 
  •  Post investigation letter to complainant - Use this letter to inform the complaining employee of the outcome of your harassment investigation. 
  •  Defining Harassment Quiz -Use as a training tool for employees during harassment training. 
  •  Sexual Harassment Quiz Answers- Use this to grade the Sexual Harassment Quiz taken by employees during sexual harassment training.
  • Sexual Harassment Guidelines by EEOC- Use this form to learn how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) addresses sexual harassment claims.


  • Warning Letter Sample- This letter is an example of a warning letter given for a particular situation with respect to performance and conduct. It is NOT meant for you to print out and deliver to an employee. Rather, you are to review this letter and use the examples as a guide for how to draft your own letter of warning. 
  •  Discipline Positive vs. Progressive-Use this form to review the elements and examples of positive discipline versus progressive discipline. Determine which disciplinary process your company will choose and outline to your employees
  •  Attendance Record & Summary- 
  •  Employee Written Disciplinary Warning - Use this form to record a disciplinary warning issued to an employee and the employee's acknowledgment of the warning.


  • Termination overview- Use this checklist to help evaluate whether termination of an employee is likely to lead to litigation. This checklist helps to avoid potential legal problems by suggesting issues to review with counsel before terminating the employee. 
  •  Termination Checklist - Use this checklist when terminating an employee to ensure that you have completed all legally required forms. 
  •  Exit interview - Use this form to gather an employee's comments at termination regarding his or her employment with your company. Completion of the exit interview by an employee is entirely voluntary. 
  •  Notice to employee as to change  in relationship - Use this form to notify an employee of a change in the employment relationship, such as a layoff or termination. 
  •  Final paycheck acknowledgment - Use this form to have an employee certify receipt of final paycheck. 
  • Final paycheck Checklist - Use this checklist to ensure timely payment of a final paycheck to an employee who quits without notice, quits with at least 72 hours notice or was terminated or laid off. 
  • Authorization to Release Personal Records -  
  • Final Paycheck Direct Deposit Authorization – 
  •  Final Paycheck Worksheet SAMPLE 
  •  Final Paycheck Worksheet - Use this form to calculate the amount of an employee’s final paycheck. It is illegal for an employer to withhold a final paycheck and failure to pay all wages due may result in penalties. 

Job description

·         Job Specification Requirements - Use this form to describe your minimum job requirements when preparing to recruit for, and advertise, a job. 

  •  Job Description - Administrative Exemption - Use this form as a guide for defining job duties for administrative employees. 
  •  Blank Job Description - Use this form to help you define duties for an open position for which you are recruiting a new employee or to clarify existing job duties. Use also when considering temporary modified duty or when returning an injured employee to work. 

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